Welcome to Florida World Trade Month

To:  International Organizations in Florida

The Florida Chamber of Commerce, World Trade Center Miami and Enterprise Florida are pleased to invite your organization to participate in the celebration of Florida World Trade Month 2019, a month-long event that will take place throughout Florida to increase awareness about the importance of international trade as a major contributor to job creation and corporate growth. 
As the gateway to the world and the undisputed gateway to the Americas, Florida is in a prime position to capitalize on trade opportunities with international consumers. Florida companies that have global trade as part of their strategy earn 30 percent more and pay their employees one-third more than the average wage.  It is not just shippers and manufacturers taking part in this opportunity. Every Florida company can benefit from trade with international markets. Since May is World Trade Month in Florida, it is the perfect time to focus on how to expand the state’s reach into global markets and help create more jobs. 
96% of Florida’s exporters are small businesses, and 95% of the world’s consumers are located outside the U.S.  Selling more of our goods and services around the world is a great way to create jobs in our state, and help small businesses stay ahead of their global competitors.
As organizations that recognize the importance of international trade in the State of Florida, we invite you to participate in Florida World Trade Month 2019, which is being coordinated by the World Trade Center Miami. 
If your organization has already scheduled an international trade event from May 1 through May 31st or wishes to create a new event, we would be delighted to list your event/s on floridaworldtrademonth.com to increase the promotion of your event statewide. 
To become involved, you will need to complete and submit the Add an Event form. Your event will then be included in the web site’s “Calendar of Events”, and your company will be listed as a participating organization. 
If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to call the World Trade Center Miami at (305) 871-7910.


Charlotte Gallogly Alice Ancona Manny Mencia
Charlotte Gallogly, President
World Trade Center Miami
Alice E. Ancona
Director, International Strategy & Policy
International Trade and Investment Office
Florida Chamber of Commerce
Manny Mencia
​Senior Vice President, International Trade & Development 
Enterprise Florida, Inc.